May 3, 2010 - Get Caught Reading!

May is Get Caught Reading month! Supported by the Association of American Publishers, the Get Caught Reading campaign reminds people of all ages how much fun it is to read!

The free song of this week was:
"Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud" by Monty Harper and Mr. Billy

Monty Harper & Mr. Billy: Let

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Mistymfn said...

I'm tickled pink to receive a new song every Monday! It will be exciting to add new music to my classes. The kids will love it!

Mistymfn said...

I am enjoying this very much! I love the Podcasts and the two songs I've heard so far. I'm looking forward to some Action songs. I teach Music & Movement to 240 children a week and we move during 99% of the class. Thanks so much for doing this!
I appreciate it and I love hearing new tunes my kids will love.
P.S. The "mfn" after Misty stands for Muffin. My dogs name is Misty Muffin.

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